The Game World

War of the Twin Rods

Welcome to the 12th Fanelian Imperial Battalion. Be you mercenary or soldier, you’ll be fighting against the Rudolian Army.

The forces behind the war are two brothers, who began their war 40 long years ago. It seems most of the populace has forgotten the true reason the war began, but both sides are willing to finish it. Within Fanelia and Rudolia, magic is taboo. To openly display magical ability is to put a bounty on your head, paint a target on your chest, and call the hounds.

This hatred of magical power has changed these two kingdoms. Smiths forgo magical enchantments and have given new meaning to “masterwork” equipment. Alchemists and medics have developed natural cures that rival magical power. The lack of magic has pushed the citizens of the twin kingdoms to improve their crafts.

This long war has claimed many lives and ravaged the land. Those who respect nature have grown to utterly despise the twin brothers for their wanton destruction and exhaustive harvesting. The five countries that call Fanelia and Rudolia neighbor are outraged, but do not dare commit any major support to either brother. Whatever the reasons, despite the crimes against nature and the anathema against magic, none have stepped in to end this long war.

It is in these two countries, ravaged by war and devoid of magical power, that soldiers will fight and die.

The Game World

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